Tango Con Antonio

Cualquiera que diga que el sol trae la felicidad nunca ha bailadio en la lluvia

Argentine Tango with Antonio (Tony) Espinoza in Albuquerque, NM

Private lessons provide the best opportunity for individualized attention and allow us to work on what you want (or need) most.  We can work on specific skills, figures, or work through a choreographed or improvised dance.  Private lessons may be taken individually or shared with a partner at no additional cost. 


Customer comments on private lessons:

Tony Instructs the mesmerizing Tango with Grace and Passion - MN

"Tony choreographed and taught me a routine that was challenging but still within reach, and helped me deal with a last minute partner change that went more smoothly than I expected (as did the performance).  Tony's insightful eye, attention to detail and ability to break down the dance into learnable bits make him a pleasure to learn from"  - LH

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