Tango Con Antonio

Cualquiera que diga que el sol trae la felicidad nunca ha bailadio en la lluvia

Argentine Tango with Antonio (Tony) Espinoza in Albuquerque, NM

Group Classes, Sept 8 2013

Had a good couple of group classes on Sunday. 


Tony started with La Salida, I think mostly because we had a couple of first-timers in the class, but they learned quickly and we rapidly progressed to more interesting variations. 


We learned a figure where we went to the cross, pivoted the lady out of the cross, slightly, and then invited a step forward along the man's right hand side (from here, one can do front ochos, among other things).  We pivoted the lady again so that she was facing 90 degrees toward the man's left.  From here, she can be invited to take a forward step while the man takes a leftward sidestep, and then she can be pivoted again to face the man, and you can step together to the resolution.


In Intermediate class following, we added a sequence where the lady steps around the man's right shoulder (forward, side, back, similar to calecita) while he pivots with her and steps up so he can lead and support a quick back cross to finish the figure.


We also had a couple of birthdays in the studio, so we all ruined our diets with cake. 

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